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They threatened Alicia Machado not to reveal the identity of her daughter's father in her book

They threatened Alicia Machado not to reveal the identity of her daughter’s father in her book

Undoubtedly, Alicia Machado, 44, is one of the most controversial women in the middle of the show, due to her strong personality, honesty and sincerity. Now that the actress has edited the last details from her bio, we are talking to friend Alicia, who told us that it’s not all honey on foil, because she has received threats.

-How is Alicia?
“2021 is doing better at a professional level, being invited to participate in MasterChef Colombia, having a YouTube talk show, continuing her line of beauty products and totally matching her résumé.”

In which process is your resume book going?
“Since 2019 she announced that she had already expired and was waiting for the American publisher with whom she had signed a contract to launch it, but since the victory of Donald Trump, who has always accused him of bullying, many doors have been closed; he has banned him so that his book does not come out.”

But do you keep launching your book?
“Alicia is ready to get rid of that with a non-daring and uncensored op-ed, telling us things she wouldn’t talk about in the first place.”

“Alicia has always kept the secret of her daughter’s father. Much has been said that he is a character associated with the crime, but Alicia has publicly denied it; even last year she uploaded a video to her networks in which she appeared in the supermarket with a man whose face was practically invisible and said that he was the father of her daughter, which is Mexican businessman Rafael Hernandez Linares, although there are many social networks. I did not believe him. “

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Will this part of your life count?

“He says his daughter knows her father perfectly and it is a love story, it was not a temporary affair, that it was flirting and that his daughter was a product of love. However, she was already starting to have problems.”

-what are you talking about?
“He has received threats of what would happen to him if he came up with this topic, and he already fears for his life. Although she never mentioned her name, she herself told us that her daughter’s father is a man of great strength and many influences. This worries her, as she wants to protect herself and her daughter. “

A few days ago, she uploaded a photo with lawyer Guillermo Boss. Did you advise her on this topic?
“He is a very clever man and he has made him see that even without broaching the topic, the book will be successful. But it is Alicia who will finally make that decision.
His truth, “he concluded.

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