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WhatsApp will sync blocked contacts on all devices linked to an account

WhatsApp will sync blocked contacts on all devices linked to an account

WhatsApp Works on a job focused on Privacywhich will automatically block all blocked contacts on the main device to ensure the same configuration on the rest of the linked peripherals.

Contact blocking has been available on the platform for years and offers options like deleting or keeping the conversation with a blocked user from the chat list, as well as archiving it.

that it Reversible featureso messaging platform users can unblock a contact to receive their messages when they see fit.

Likewise, they can report them if they see them sending malicious content or “spam,” all from the settings section or from the individual chat itself, the company said on its website.

Since April last year, WhatsApp has had a multi-device option, which allows users to use the same account on up to four devices at the same time (one main mobile phone and three additional devices), while maintaining all the functionality of the app. End-to-end encryption.extreme.

A month later, the company introduced the security function chat ban, Which allows you to move a conversation from your inbox to your private folder that can only be accessed with a password or biometric data.

However, it was learned in October that these will not be the only options available, but a third alternative will be added, with a secret code to identify blocked conversations and will also be compatible with secondary devices linked to an account.

Despite these recent changes, WhataApp has kept contact blocking as an individual option, which means that if you want to block a contact on all linked devices, you have to do so separately.

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The company is now working on a feature that automatically syncs blocked contacts on all terminals, to ensure the protection of these conversations, which can only be accessed using a password or PIN.

This was verified by WABetaInfo in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, which noticed a new interface on the communication platform in which it indicates that a contact is blocked and that a code must be entered to unlock it.

Through this portal, they insisted that this novelty not only ensures greater privacy protection on all devices, but also simplifies the user experience by synchronizing all security measures.

At the moment, it is an option under development, so it is expected that it will reach all users with an upcoming system update and it is not known whether this option will be expanded to include iOS devices.