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WhatsApp will prevent others from seeing our location during the call

WhatsApp will prevent others from seeing our location during the call

The app also lets you silence incoming calls from strangers. (pixels)

WhatsApp It is testing a feature aimed at preventing third parties from accessing users’ location and IP address during calls. This security measure is being tested in beta versions of the application Android And internal control Department.

The tool was discovered by WABetaInfo and is known as Location and IP address protection in calls It was presented in the section advanced From the app’s privacy settings screen.

This section will allow users to activate this option and, in this way, take care of them Location and IP addressAnd malicious actors that try to interfere with your communications by making spam calls, which has become a constant attack method.

Once enabled, this feature makes it very difficult for third parties to determine your location while on a call. This is possible because calls are securely routed through WhatsApp servers.

However, activating this tool may have an impact on call quality due to the encryption and routing processes involved.

The app also lets you silence incoming calls from strangers. (Wapita Info)

While this feature is currently in beta testing, it has not been officially announced that it will arrive in the stable version of WhatsApp. Since this feature is still under development and is in a limited testing phase, it may take some time before it is available to all users.

The development of this tool comes after including the privacy function that allows you to block calls from unknown people WhatsAppPrevent accounts that we have not saved in our contacts from contacting us.

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Currently, cybercriminals use the app’s voice and video calls to carry out scams, capture users’ faces, or create harassing situations by showing intimate images in video calls.

While security on the platform is enhanced by including functionality that prevents third parties from seeing our location and IP address, the app allows us to silence strangers so they cannot contact us.

To activate this option, you must follow these steps:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Select the Privacy option.

4. Search and enter the Calls section.

5. Activate button will appear there to silence incoming calls from strangers.

After enabling this option, notifications for people we haven’t saved in our contacts will no longer appear when they contact us. However, it will be possible for strangers to contact us via voice and video and this contact attempt will appear in the history in the Calls tab.

Moreover, if you call back or write a message in the stranger’s chat, it will no longer be possible to silence their communications.

If calls are completely restricted, we will have to block that user and in this way he will not be able to communicate in any way.

The app also lets you silence incoming calls from strangers. (Unsplash)

The platform recently implemented the option to create a call or video call link similar to how this is done Zoom in And Google is dead.

People who want to create a call link or video call In WhatsApp, you only have to follow a few simple steps, because it is not necessary to download third-party applications to do this.

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– Open WhatsApp.

– Go to the section Calls.

– Select the Create Link option communicate.

– Select the type of call (audio or video).

– Click Copy Link.

– Propagation can be done in two ways, selection Send the link via WhatsApp To send it through the application or in Share the link To send it in another application.