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WhatsApp will allow messages to be edited within the first 15 minutes

WhatsApp will allow messages to be edited within the first 15 minutes

Our first reaction is usually to quickly retype the wrong word and send it corrected. Or delete the entire message and rewrite it.

But now WhatsApp has announced that it will introduce a third option, One for editing messages.

Of course, it can only be modified within the first 15 minutes after it is sent.

already existing tool Offered by two of its main competitors, Telegram and SignalIt will be available to the two billion WhatsApp users in the coming weeks.


As the messaging service mentioned on its blog on Monday, users will be able to correct anything from “a simple misspelling to adding additional context to a message.”

We’re excited to give you more control over your conversations. All you have to do is Long press on a sent message and select “Edit” from the menu Even after fifteen minutes.”

WhatsApp Graphic in which WhatsApp explains the steps to be able to use its new editing tool.

Modified messages will be labeled “Modified”, so recipients will know that the content has been changed.

However, they will not be shown how to edit the message.

Facebook and Twitter

Editing messages is a feature introduced by Facebook a decade ago, which also owns WhatsApp through its parent company, Meta.

At that time, Facebook revealed that more than half of its users access the site from mobile phones, which means They are more prone to typing errors.

On Facebook, changed updates are marked as edited, and users can also check edit history.

Last year, Twitter announced that paying subscribers would be able to edit their tweets.

Tweets can be edited multiple times within 30 minutes of being posted.

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Elon Musk’s platform added at the time: “You need to be able to engage in the conversation in a way that makes sense to you, and we’ll continue to work so you can do that effortlessly.”

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