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Netflix’s new “My List” section to waste less time

Netflix’s new “My List” section to waste less time

The Netflix logo on the TV and the remote control.  Netflix improves its user interface

no.Netflix The way My List works, the section of the platform that users can use Add stringMovies, documentaries, and other specials to save and watch later. Now it will be easier to find what you want to watch and what is on this list.

The new section "my list" From Netflix with categories for an order of magnitude larger

picture: Netflix

The idea behind My List is very simple, and all streaming platforms have something similar. The problem is that the average Netflix user can spend several minutes browsing through the service’s catalog and, in many cases, adding things to that list, which basically translates to Throw a chain Or a movie of a black hole full of things we didn’t remember adding in in many cases, or worse, didn’t even remember they were there (I admit).

Netflix has been updated “My List” so that it contains sections that allow users to see what is inside this list by category. For example, you can select to filter by “series”, “movies”, “I haven’t started watching them” and “I’ve already started watching them”, or simply sort in alphabetical order. In this way, it will be easier to find in this sea of ​​content a series that caught your eye but you don’t remember its name, for example, and in general, you waste less time searching for what you want to watch on a platform.

Other services such as Prime Video split the user’s “list” (although it has another name on this platform) into series and movies, as two separate lists. The idea of ​​Netflix offers more options, and the question is: will it finally help us see content faster, or will we simply add more stuff, but this time more tidy?

The new Netflix slate begins to be available on Android from now on. iOS users will receive the improved Netflix slate in the coming weeks.

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