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YouTuber makes Mac mini M1 78% smaller

YouTuber makes Mac mini M1 78% smaller

Quinn Nelson mods the Mac mini M1 to make it even smaller

Mac mini is known for having the power of a Mac computer in a small and affordable device, but what if it was possible even smaller?

A YouTuber was able to document the process he went through to create it New version of Mac mini M1 more compactAdding MagSafe support and presenting it to his followers in an imminent and very close confrontation 7 new Apple Macs launched Including a new Mac mini.

“Mac mini more mini”

In 2020, the new and refurbished Mac mini M1 goes on sale same design which has been around since 2010, but with the implementation of one of the new Apple chips. When disassembling it, it was found that the device has a large available space that is not used, but it is also not necessary, since the components with which the M1 chip works are smaller.

Now, Quinn Nelson has featured on his channel Senazi Labs Your idea of ​​saving this free space by display Mac mini M1 is even smaller.

Youtube Managed to make the computer smaller by up to 78% Thanks to the relocation of some components, I replaced the 150W power supply with a Microsoft Surface 65W external power supply connected via MagSafe 2 and a DC voltage regulator that leads to the Mac mini logic board.

All this has been adapted to a new resin case Designed for Mac Pro 2019 For better ventilation, Nelson removed the fan from his Mac mini. Despite this, the computer’s behavior and performance fully complied.

In his analysis he mentioned that his Mac mini M1 has passed the Benchmark tests satisfactorily There is actually no compromise on the performance of the computer compared to the original Apple version.

Nelson made a file available to his followers Instructs to Shrink your Mac mini M1 by yourself and joins Scott Yu Jan, a YouTuber who just created a portable Mac mini As the revolutionary creators of the Apple devices it showcased great ideas which Apple can take into account for future projects.

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