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What is the small hole that cell phones have on one edge?

What is the small hole that cell phones have on one edge?

Android devices are used in many parts of the world but very few of them know the usefulness of a file small hole Which can be located at the top of the mobile phone. What are they, what are they for and when can they be used? In addition to knowing the different functions that a cell phone can provide you, there are parts of the same device that play a very important role for the benefit of a person.

These operating systems are equipped with a speaker, classic volume buttons, power on and off, sometimes acting as a fingerprint reader, as well as a USB Type-C slot and some brands integrate the button to connect to the Google Assistant. However, if you are very attentive, you will realize that there is a small gap that often goes unnoticed.

Just as there is a slot for removing the NanoSIM and MicroSD slot, there is another slot very close to the area above. Do you really know what the purpose of this mysterious little hole in your Android cell phone is? Here we remove all doubts.

Characteristics such as storage space, battery, number of cores, and RAM will determine the cost of the device.

What is the small hole in the base of an Android cell phone?
First of all, this is different from the NanoSIM and MicroSD slot because when you press it with the key or the pin that comes inside the box, a tray does not come out.

Most cell phones have a hole in the bottom area, right next to the charging port, where the microphone is stored. If you think that the speaker also has the peculiarity of playing as a microphone, you are wrong.

What is the small hole on the top of an Android phone?
Some Android terminals also have another slot on top that is very similar to the one below. What is that? You are definitely wondering.

Well, it is also another microphone and the peculiarity of this second slot is that it is responsible for reducing or canceling noise from outside or from your environment.

In this way, your calls will be more clear and you will not hear, for example, what is happening in construction, traffic, etc.

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