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This is what the Twitter killer that Instagram is preparing looks like

This is what the Twitter killer that Instagram is preparing looks like

With the code names of P92 and Barcelona, instagram He is preparing to release the app that intends to assassinate Twitter and keep all the discontent of Elon Musk’s social network at bay.

This Instagram plugin will be released in June or July and will be a text service where you can share multimedia content.

Instagram users will use the same username and will have the same followers on the new text-based social network. If it is a verified account, it will also be verified on the new platform. Even the accounts that you have blocked on Instagram will also be banned on this new platform.

Also shared by Bloomberg, Wthe operation The P92 relies on the ability to send text messages of up to 500 characters, as well as the ability to include images, links, and short videos of up to five minutes in length. The basic idea of ​​this social network, according to Meta, is that it is an “Instagram for your thoughts and ideas.”

The first leaked photos were shared by Lia Haberman, a digital media marketing expert, at the your swing And on Twitter. In the image, we can see that the aspect of this platform will be similar to the core of Twitter, with an extension timetable Shows posts and the ability to respond to them and make text conversations with your followers.

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