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Apple prohibits its employees from using ChatGPT for work

Apple fears for the safety of its projects and take action to protect itself!

Apple doesn’t trust generative AI platforms, according to a report

Access chat It has revived the fear that machines will one day replace humans in many trades and occupations, which include a long list of possibilities. And although few of them are related to the world of technology, From one of the most important companies in the sector, they do not want to know anything about the famous tool Developed by Open AI, which everyone is talking about.

According to an internal report issued by The Wall Street Journal (Wall Street Journal), Since Apple, they have prohibited their employees from using any generative AIclaiming that it cannot be used at work. All, despite the fact that the company introduced the official ChatGPT app on the iPhone a few days ago.

ChatGPT is not welcome on Apple

As described in the document, they raised concerns with Apple about artificial intelligence platforms that collect confidential data from employees. In addition to ChatGPT, AApple also banned its employees from using GitHub’s Copilot software, owned by Microsoft. With Copilot, developers can automate writing code.

A precedent occurred that may have influenced Apple to formalize its position in March of 2023, when An error allowed users to view the chat history of other ChatGPT users. After this incident, ChatGPT added the option to allow users to turn off chat history and not contribute to training the AI ​​model.

Given this fact or the possibility of a similar situation, Apple fears that there is no way to ensure that the code engineers write does not end up being leaked to someone else., or even that the developers behind these apps use them. Or in other operations, like using ChatGPT to generate emails, for example.

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However, this ban is not only from Apple. As is known so far, JPMorgan Chase and Verizon have also restricted the use of these platforms. Amazon has required its engineers to use its own in-house AI tool rather than third-party tools, according to WSJ sources.

The report mentions that Apple is also working on its own generative AI model.Although according to relevant information, the company has encountered many problems, due to the lack of internal consensus on which path to take in this technology.