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WhatsApp: So you can read messages from iPhone without them knowing |  Play DEPOR

WhatsApp: So you can read messages from iPhone without them knowing | Play DEPOR

It is considered one of the most popular messaging applications today, because it allows you to communicate with others through various methods such as messages, voice calls, and video calls, in just seconds, which makes it a fairly profitable option.

Similarly, another feature of this app is that you have the option to make some tweaks to keep your privacy intact, such as removing read notifications that are represented as blue checks that appear after someone has read your messages and vice versa.

In this sense, if you want to prevent your contacts from knowing that you have read their WhatsApp messages, don’t worry, at sports We explain a simple trick that you can perform from your iPhone. Pay attention to directions.

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How to read a WhatsApp message without them knowing

If you want to prevent your contacts from finding out that you have read a WhatsApp message, we will tell you a series of steps that you must follow if you have an iPhone.

  • The first thing you should do is open the WhatsApp application from your iPhone.
  • Next, go to Settings within the app.
  • Among the available options, select Account.
  • Next, you should touch Privacy.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
  • There you will see a read confirmation button.
  • Disable this confirmation by clicking on the green switch.
  • Finally, you will have deselected the blue double check and it will now only appear gray.

This way, none of your contacts will be able to know that you’ve read their messages; However, this information will appear in group chats, so you should take your precautions.

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What does the “i” mean in WhatsApp messages?

  • If your friend has activated temporary messages that disappear in 24 hours, the “i” might tell you that said text will self-destruct in a certain amount of time.
  • In order not to surprise you, WhatsApp decided to notify you so that you are warned. You can also deactivate temporary messages whenever you want or change the disappearance time.
  • The letter “i” also appears if you have temporary messages activated in WhatsApp, but your friend won’t recognize it because they are using an old version of the app.
  • For this, it is necessary to tell him to update WhatsApp on his Android or iPhone so that they both use the same functionality.
  • Remember that you can update WhatsApp from the same Google Play Store or iOS Store, as the case may be.

How to leave a WhatsApp group on iPhone

If you are tired of belonging to a WhatsApp group or you are simply overwhelmed with the large number of messages you receive every day, don’t worry, we will teach you how to get out of that chat without leaving a trace.

  • From your iPhone, open the WhatsApp app.
  • Next, click on the group topic.
  • Another option is to move the group to the left in the Chats section.
  • Then tap on the More option.
  • Among the alternatives, choose Leave group.
  • Confirm the action and select Leave group again.
  • Go back to the chat and you will see a message saying that you can no longer send or receive messages.
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You should keep in mind that when you leave a chat, only the group admins will know that you are no longer part of that conversation. Other contacts will not have this information.