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WhatsApp is changing the color of the chat and this is what it looks like

WhatsApp is changing the color of the chat and this is what it looks like


WhatsAppThe popular messaging app has officially announced a complete redesign of its interface, which promises a more attractive and completely renewed look. Additionally, it features an improved dark mode and improves app performance, improving the user experience on iPhones.

In a brief announcement via its X account, WhatsApp revealed a series of new features that will be implemented in the coming weeks with new versions of the application. Every week, WhatsApp surprises with new features designed to improve the user experience, and this latest update will be no exception.

This is what notifications look like on WhatsApp.

Among the exciting newly introduced features are the long-awaited ability to interact with statuses and host events directly from the app and a new double arrow icon for file forwarding. Additionally, WhatsApp has implemented password security and a dialer that promises to change traditional calling.

Last month, WhatsApp has already made changes to the design of its app user interface Now, the app features a panel of Green colours And neutral colors unify the viewing experience, along with a “dark dark mode” to reduce eye strain in low-light environments.

The update also brings new round icons, fun animations, and a more modern default background for chats, resulting in a fresher, more modern aesthetic. On iOS, sending photos and videos has been simplified with a new attachment design, allowing for a clearer and more efficient experience.

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To complete this great update, WhatsApp is finally introducing the long-awaited chat filters, which will let you find important conversations with a single touch.

With this series of improvements, Goalthe company that controls the decisions surrounding the instant messaging application, with Mark Zuckerberg As the visual head, it emphasizes its commitment to user experience.

With features like status interactions, event organization, new interface designs, and navigation improvements, WhatsApp remains at the forefront of instant messaging, providing a more intuitive and engaging experience for millions of users around the world.