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NASA has shown what it’s like to enter a black hole through simulations

NASA has shown what it’s like to enter a black hole through simulations

The universe is full of secrets that need to be revealed, one of which is… Black hole mystery. Since their discovery, scientists and astrophysicists have wondered what lies inside these astronomical objects and what happens to the light there. That’s why the scientific community is working on different projects to answer these questions.

“People often ask about… What is a black hole and how do you get into it?. “Simulating these difficult-to-imagine processes helps me connect relativistic mathematics to real consequences in the real universe.” Astrophysicist Jeremy Schnittman From NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, responsible for this new simulation.

NASA simulated the interior of a black hole

a Black hole It is a region of space where the force of gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. It is formed when A massive star collapses under its own gravity At the end of his life. They can vary in size and mass, ranging from small stellar-mass black holes to those known as “supermassive” black holes found at the centers of galaxies.

Availability of your studies Important information about the nature of space-time The basic laws of physics. That’s why NASA decided to run this simulation, which was a huge success.

On a traditional computer, performing this calculation would take more than ten years. the Discover the supercomputer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center It accomplished this task in just five days, using only 0.3% of its processing capacity.

I simulated two different scenarios, Schnittman explained that the camera, as if it were a substitute for a daring astronaut, in which the camera misses the event horizon and is taken out, and another in which it exceeds the limits and determines its fate.

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At the beginning of the video a thin inner circle known as Photon ring. This image is created by light that surrounded the black hole one or more times before escaping. This oval, centered toward the camera, shows the entire simulated sky.

The speed of the camera causes light sources directly in front of it to illuminate brightly as they fall for several minutes toward the event horizon. At this point, the light of the outer universe is still shining, but it can no longer escape. After a microsecond, the chamber is compressed by the black hole, that is, it reaches its singularity.

Amazing pictures of black holes

In 2019 and 2022a global network of radio observatories called The Event Horizon telescope has produced the first images of giant black holes In the centers of galaxies M87 and the Milky Way, respectively, it revealed a bright ring of hot gas orbiting a circular region of darkness.

Black hole.jpg

An image of the black hole in Sagittarius A*, in the center of the Milky Way.

Any light that crosses the event horizon, the black hole’s point of no return, is trapped forever, and any light that passes near it is deflected by intense gravity. These combined effects generate a “the shadow” This is equivalent to twice the actual size of the hole’s event horizon.

The black hole at the center of our galaxy, Known as Sagittarius A, He has a block That is equivalent to 4.3 million pounds, based on long-term observations of stars orbiting it. The diameter of its shadow is about half the orbit of Mercury in our solar system.

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