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WhatsApp, iOS users will make calls with 32 people

WhatsApp, iOS users will make calls with 32 people

The WhatsApp It is one of the main platforms instant messageWhich offers several advantages to users, one of the most important and perhaps the most important is that it is permanent is being updated to add New tools.

One of these new updates is that users will now be able to do Calls with up to 32 participants andin the operating system iOS, Which is a big change because until recently it was only allowed with 8 participants.

WhatsApp, iOS users will make calls with 32 people. Photo: Freepik

32 participants in the calls

So when the user now receives a group voice call, the Incoming Calls screen shows the participants of the call. One advantage is that you will be able to see who initiated the call or who invited you to join.

In the Calls section, the user will be able to see the meeting members from the history, this new tool comes with version 22.8.80 of WhatsApp for iPhone, so if you are an iOS user you can use it.

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Another good news is that soon, iOS users will also be able to take advantage of the much-anticipated feedback, similar to Facebook but with a feature of their own.

But the good news does not end there as WhatsApp is adding more and more improvements to its app, many of which are inspired by some of the improvements that Telegram has had for years, in order to compete.

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For example, there is also the option to send larger files via WhatsApp, up to 2 GB, although this functionality is currently only available in beta in Argentina.

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