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WhatsApp: How to prevent unwanted calls or spam from entering the app |  mix up

WhatsApp: How to prevent unwanted calls or spam from entering the app | mix up

The WhatsApp You have several options to increase your security and control what happens in the app. With this in mind, Meta has integrated a new function that allows you to block incoming calls from strangers, becoming an essential measure to protect users’ privacy and peace of mind.

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to receive unwanted calls or even from unknown numbers with unclear intentions. By blocking them, you prevent unauthorized access to communications and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of phone scams or harassment.

In addition, by activating this function The WhatsApp It is possible to maintain a more pleasant and uninterrupted user experience, as you will not have to receive annoying calls that disturb your daily activities. Without further ado, follow our step by step guide Mix management.

How to block calls from strangers on WhatsApp

This is one of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp as it allows users to have more control over unwanted calls. See what you must do below.

  • The first step is to open the WhatsApp application.
  • Among the alternatives, tap on Settings.
  • Next, click on the “Privacy” section.
  • Immediately, tap on the “Calls” option.
  • Finally, select “Mute calls from unknown numbers”.

From now on, incoming calls will not ring or vibrate on your mobile phone, but you can find them in the Missed Calls history.

How to deactivate WhatsApp on Android

If you want to prevent WhatsApp messages from reaching you, here we explain what you should do.

  • First, go to the WhatsApp application and long-press on the icon.
  • Among the alternatives, tap on “Info. From the app.”
  • Go to the “Autostart” option.
  • Here you will have to click on the switch to deactivate it.
  • Now, click on Restrict Data Usage.
  • Disable the “WiFi” and “Mobile Data” options.
  • Select the OK button to save these options.
  • Finally, go back to the main interface of your mobile phone.
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From now on, it doesn’t matter if you activate WiFi or your smartphone’s data, calls or messages will not enter WhatsApp until you modify the previous settings.