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They captured the moment when a star “swallows” a planet.

We see what will happen to the Earth, said the American researchers who for the first time showed the way in which a star is about to perish by “devouring” a planet.

Written by: Angelica Andrade

The researchers stated that what has been proven could become similar to what happens to the Sun and Earth in about 5,000 million years, because they are very clear about what happens when a star approaches the end of its existence.

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As for the aforementioned, they relied on an invaluable amount of uncertainty, which is why they concluded that the Origin Dimension could spread out to hundreds or thousands of cycles and It devours the planets that pass around it. However, it was not yet possible to achieve direct evidence and they never captured a similar phenomenon, until it was achieved by a team of scientific preparations from the United States, and arrived and finished publishing in the journal Nature, whose message is strength, challenge and challenge: “We look forward to Earth’s future.”

The foregoing is described in Concepts by Kechalay D, researcher, teacher, and theorist at MIT, and lead author of the work. It must be specified that the analysis describes a phenomenon discovered in the galaxy itself, the Milky Way, About 13,000 light-years awayAnd Next to the constellation Aquila, or the Eagle, the star became 100 times brighter in just ten days before fading away, forming a cold, permanent sign. Finally, after many observations, scientists found one definition: “It was a dying star, it ran out of fuel and expanded, swallowing a nearby planet. The same thing will happen in our solar system in 5,000 million years, when the sun dies, it will swell and take Mercury, Venus and our planet with it, ” confirmed one researcher.

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