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Recent 3 changes to WhatsApp

Recent 3 changes to WhatsApp

WhatsApp constantly announces renewals or modifications within the platform and this aims to improve the user experience with every update that arrives.

In the past few weeks, 3 major changes have been released. So, here we bring you the news that comes to the users of this instant messaging app.

New instant messages

Since last July 27, it was announced that voice messages on WhatsApp will start to change and now they will include a new format to simplify the way people communicate.

Now, the app has implemented the new instant video messaging, with which users will be able to record and share short personal videos directly in the chat, just like a voice memo.

Voice chat changes

Voice chats will be similar to the similar features offered by the Discord platform. To activate it, it is only necessary to select the “Voice Chat” option which can be activated in a group chat.

It should be noted that the function will be available for 60 minutes only. Then it will be closed automatically.

The interface is designed for the ease of users; In addition, any member of the group chat will be able to join the voice chat.

The new update has been rolling out since March 2023 and so far beta tests are running for some Android users with beta version

Screen sharing in WhatsApp video calls

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has introduced an exciting new feature for its messaging platform. Now, users will be able to share the screen during video calls, which will allow all participants to view the same content as the other party in real time.

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This innovative feature is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to improve the calling experience on its platform.

To use the screen sharing feature, users simply need to tap the Share icon during a video call and then choose to share a specific app or the entire screen. The person sharing the screen will be marked at the bottom of the interface for easy reference.