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WhatsApp has a new option to record video from the app

WhatsApp has a new option to record video from the app

The app will also get an exclusive message search function through 2023. (Photo: Addiction)

application for The WhatsApp It develops new functionality and features that are tested in beta versions, both for devices android For devices iOSOn this occasion, some specific functions have been created for users of Request.

during the last months of 2022 And the beginning of the new year, some people who applied within the process and allowed to put the new version of Request With the inclusion of a function that allows users to develop a Exclusive feature It is the function of the users camera that distinguishes between sections devoted exclusively to taking pictures and those devoted only to images in the form of Video.

Although the website WABetaInfo states that the development of beta tests for it Request They are starting to show a different department to catch on Pictures Where it specifically distinguishes between images that are currently taken and those that can be taken from the messaging platform, the Request It also creates a difference between the two types of content.

WhatsApp for taking pictures.  (The WhatsApp)
WhatsApp for taking pictures. (The WhatsApp)

when the function is activated Camera Right from the hardware, users will have the ability to choose between two types of capture mode depending on their preferences web page: one will be assigned to Pictures And another for videos as they are done on cell phones for manzana And in any other country Request that make a difference between both forms of multimedia content.

The main method will be the classic capture of Pictures It will also indicate the images in the device gallery that can be sent within the conversation while the secondary form does not exclude content Pictures Within the selection of videos within Gallerybut it allows video clips to be captured instantly within range Request.

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During the development phase of the application’s new functionality, the application included a new button social communicationwhich replaced the shortcut for the camera function The WhatsAppso the messaging app used the image function space for this new access, thus creating the need to create this new route to take Pictures Originally within the app.

Currently, with the Communities section active, though The WhatsApp Develop an acronym for Camera At the top right of the screen of devices using this app, this app continues to integrate both methods of screenshots Pictures Instead of separating them as in the new beta functions to update from The WhatsApp.

New WhatsApp camera button after communities are included within the app.  (WABetaInfo)
New WhatsApp camera button after communities are included within the app. (WABetaInfo)

One of the most anticipated novelties among application users, at least for users of devices that have it iOS 16is to include a new way to search for messages in which no references are used for words included in the messages. textsbut the date they were sent.

According to the WABetaInfo platform, users of The WhatsApp on mobile phones manzana You may use a custom filter to identify Messages by the specified delivery date and the platform is expected to incorporate it into its properties within this year.

Search message by date in WhatsApp.  (photo: WAbetaInfo)
Search message by date in WhatsApp. (photo: WAbetaInfo)

To access this function, which is available within a small group of users, they must enter search for Messages Then click on the calendar icon which will appear inside the app keyboard. With this functionality, people will have the opportunity to search for messages within the parameters defined by the text search specified from a date sent within conversation.

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At the moment, none of the updates have an official release date for the public, but it is expected that they will appear in the global version of the platform in the meantime 2023.

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