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What is the new minimum wage in Florida that will start applying soon |  USA |  composition

What is the new minimum wage in Florida that will start applying soon | USA | composition

Change in monthly payment. Workers in the state of Florida AmericaThey woke up with more than one surprising piece of news. This is the new amount that employees of various companies will get from this year. Find the details below.

Like falling into a bucket of cold water workers The simple truth is that the minimum wage will be overhauled Florida. At present, many people have already allocated their monthly budget to pay various services and taxes, however with this new regulation everything will be changed.

That’s why many people have expressed their surprise at what might come in the coming months minimum wage.

The official currency of the United States is the US dollar (Photo: Pixabay)

What is the current central government minimum wage?

According to the portal Workers currently earn a lump sum $7.25 an hour. Multiply this by 8 hours of work and you get a total of $58 per day.

How much does someone in Florida make?

As reported Currently the standard minimum wage in Florida 11 dollars Workers received per hour.

Ron DeSantis is the current governor of Florida (Photo: AFP)

What will be the new minimum wage?

The above media brought joy to all the workers Florida, the new salary increases. That is, now they will be paid $12 per state hour.

Multiply that number by 8 (hours per day) for a total of $96. Following multiplication we can say that we have many $2,880 per month.

When will the action begin?

The measure will come into effect from the following day September 30, 2023. That’s why those state workers calculate hours that reflect what’s reported.

Workers in Florida, US, expressed their joy at the news (Photo: GEC)

Will there be further increases?

The answer is yes. The aforementioned medium also adds to it The minimum wage for Florida workers will continue to increase through 2026. The increase will be as follows:

  • $12/hour (2023).
  • $13/hour (2024).
  • $14/hour (2025).
  • $15/hour (2026)
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More information about Florida (USA).

How many people live in Florida?

This is a question that has caught the attention of many. In this case, there is a statistic that reveals how many people live in the state of Florida in the United States.

Portal Florida has been the state with the fastest growing population since 1957. “Florida’s population is projected to grow 1.9% to 22,244,823 people between 2021 and 2022, surpassing the fastest-growing state in the previous year, Idaho.” Point to the article.

Where does the name Florida come from?

A large state now known as Florida was also known as the Florida Peninsula. This important place was discovered on Easter Monday 1513 by Juan Ponce de Leon.

Taking into account that Easter is also known as Easter, it was decided to name the place Florida Peninsula.

Florida State Flag (Photo: Wikimedia)

Jail sentences and fines for transporting undocumented immigrants to Florida

Florida’s new immigration law, which took effect on July 1, contemplates stiffer penalties and even prison terms for those who transport undocumented immigrants to the “Sunshine State.”

Florida’s SB 1718 law, considered one of the toughest immigration laws in the United States, was signed into law on May 10 by Republican presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the chapter on health care for undocumented immigrants?

What if I get sick and need to go to the hospital? If I say my immigration status is not legal, can I be deported? That’s the question thousands of undocumented immigrants living in Florida are asking themselves as an immigration law considered one of the nation’s toughest takes effect Saturday, July 1.

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The regulation (SB 1718), approved May 10 by Republican presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis, asks hospitals to ask about patients’ immigration status on admission records as part of its procedures. If they don’t, they expose themselves to punishment. Below, find details about hospital care. Everything you need to know by entering here.

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