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We are looking at the immigration issue: AMLO

We are looking at the immigration issue: AMLO

Mexico City.- Without giving details, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said part of his trip to Matamoros will be to analyze the issue of migrants at the border.

Arriving at the customs facilities at the Ignacio Zaragoza border bridge known as ‘Los Tomates’ in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, the President answered two questions from reporters.

– President, what is your opinion on the issue of immigration?, he was asked.

– “That’s why I come, we came to talk about it. Now, we come to see it,” he replied.

– It is said that there are more than seven thousand immigrants?, he insisted.

“Everyone should be careful.

Title 42, which allowed the US to deport immigrants for health reasons, ended yesterday, and in its place, Title 8 now applies, which deals with tougher measures against those who cross the border illegally.

The change in immigration policy has created confusion among immigrants from various nationalities seeking asylum in the country and those who have gathered on the Mexican side.

In addition, Mexico has agreed to receive a thousand rejected migrants per day, creating pressure on various border towns.

Guarded by the military and marines, who had stationed a surveillance device near the customs complex since early morning, the man from Tabasco arrived around 4:00 p.m. and greeted the crowd awaiting his arrival before entering.

“He greeted everyone who was there, and there were people who gave him requests, and they all received them well,” said Jasmine Morales, a member of the Independent National Union of Industries and Service Workers (SNITIS).

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Among the demands received by the president are a group of workers from Componentes Industrials, a company that manufactures ballasts for lighting fixtures, which has been closed since March and has not paid its employees.

“We have already been on strike for more than a month and since March 22, we came to work and posted a piece of paper where we said it was open until further notice, it was going to be paid. The day and that was it.

“We’re asking for your help because we don’t have the focus or state or municipal support, officials have come from Victoria, but everything is in negotiation,” Alicia Garza said.

López Obrador will oversee work to modernize border customs this weekend, and tomorrow he will be in Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo, where new offices for Mexico’s National Customs Agency (ANAM) are being built.