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What is the current cost of tourist visa for USA 2023 and these are the requirements. How do you get nominated?

By early 2023, the prices of the family basket and hundreds of items, documents, living expenses, etc. have gone up. Due to the suspicion of the increase of values ​​in the visa processes, the US Embassy in Colombia clarified the situation through its social networks.

Well, in one of his videos, the embassy spokesperson said, despite the rumours, or the rise of other documents, The diplomatic corps maintained the prices of tourist visas for the United States, and this was the only payment that applicants for this process had to make to receive the benefit.

Passengers line up at the Delta Air Lines terminal at Los Angeles International Airport, (AP Photo/Damian Doverganes) – Photo: PA

The cost of B1 and B2 tourist visas has not been increased. However, this value varies in Colombian pesos depending on the current exchange rate. In addition to this value, you should not pay any other fees,” said the embassy’s spokesperson Ruben via Instagram account.

For non-immigrants who only want to visit a North American country for a period not exceeding six months, the prices for category B1 and B2 tourist visas are maintained, the official stressed. The practice is currently at 160 dollars, which is equal to about 794,428 Colombian pesos, but this last value may vary depending on the behavior of the dollar.

“For business reasons (B1), including attending professional meetings or conferences, leisure travel, holidays or visits to relatives or medical treatment (B2), or a combination of both purposes (B1/B2) for a period of up to six months”The Embassy has indicated the reasons for granting a Category B living.

US visa
The US visa is one of the most sought after in the country. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Regarding the waiting time for the procedures of this type of visa, Although the average is 880 days; That is about two years. This time can be reduced depending on the internal operation of the diplomatic system.

In requirements for visa approval A passport application stands alone for identification of foreign travel by citizensand an interview with a consular officer, which some fear because of the barriers surrounding it.

About the interview, The U.S. embassy says that visitors can only enter it with the documents required for the application, in addition to undergoing a security review.

“All visitors to the US Embassy in Colombia must follow certain security procedures. Visitors who refuse to be searched by U.S. Embassy security personnel will not be permitted to enter the Embassy. Applicants will not be allowed to enter the building with anything other than the documents required for their visa application. If you leave things in your car, please leave them insured and don’t leave any personal items out in the open,” he says in a guide shared on his website.

About the interview, insiders share tips for getting a good interview at the embassy:

1. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the appointment.

2. Entry of technological items such as cell phones, tablets, USB etc. is not permitted. Long live America It also says “lighters, food, drinks and items that can be used as weapons are prohibited.”

3. While everyone is free to dress as they see fit, there are instances when first impressions count. Therefore, experts advise wearing neutral clothes, but without going to extremes of formality.

4. Greet and speak in Spanish as embassies conduct interviews in this language.

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