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What happens after arriving in the US via CBP One and receiving an I-94?

What happens after arriving in the US via CBP One and receiving an I-94?

CBP One is an application developed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to control the flow of immigrants into the United States. With this, dozens of Cubans arrive in the country every day after applying for an asylum interview.

In this sense, there are many recipients of Form I-94. This form appears as an entry-exit record for foreign visitors entering the country for reasons other than permanent immigration.

Immigration officials then issue this form to those arriving by air, land or sea indicating the status and duration of their authorized stay.

It’s no secret that thousands of Cubans are currently seeking asylum, but this instrument registers admission to the United States under certain conditions.

For its part, the I-94 does not grant immigration status, but rather documents the immigrant’s entry and their conditions.

In the case of asylum seekers, the outcome of their claim will determine their status in the country. Although credible fear interviewing is more common here.

But what happens to the Cubans?

Valid for two to three years, Cubans are issued an I-94. That is, at that time they can apply for a work permit with the same duration.

Additionally, after one year and one day in the United States, they can change their immigration status through the Cuban Adjustment Act.
But it must be clarified that getting NTA (Notice to Appear) or court date does not mean immediate judicial process.

Therefore, by keeping this date, it can be sought to be closed if a way to remedy the situation is shown outside the judiciary. Finally, upon obtaining residency, a motion must be submitted to complete the court process.

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Obviously, we are talking about a specific process for Cubans, because for other foreigners, the context changes.

That is, immigrants from other countries without the benefit of adjustment laws have the option to seek asylum within the first year of their arrival.

However, there is a common recommendation for all applicants irrespective of their nationality. It’s about being informed and following the appropriate procedures to ensure your stay and future in the United States.