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New York wants to charge tolls in busy parts of the city to ease congestion

New York wants to charge tolls in busy parts of the city to ease congestion

The new pricing policy seeks to regulate traffic in the most congested area of ​​Manhattan, New York. (REUTERS/Gina Moon)

NY The policy will be implemented next year rates of Traffic congestion will be discussed and set by the Mobility Review Committee Transportation of the state in the coming days. The program installs fee want Drivers Entering the area known as the Central Business District, it’s all inclusive Manhattan South Central Park.

An activity created with the aim of To reduce traffic congestionto reduce emissions and improve Fluency Urban landscape. The fee is yet to be determined and will be the responsibility of the Board of Review Movement of TransportationA six-member panel comprising civic leaders from various industries.

However, the chain NBC New York After several studies they are estimated to be between USD 9 and USD 23 Dollars In Rush hour On business days from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Loans and discounts are considered for various categories of drivers, including reduced rates for low-income citizens. (REUTERS/Mike Shekar)

Likewise, it is established that there will be flexibility Prices Thanks to various credits and discounts being considered for different categories DriversIncluding A fee Low-income citizens get 25% discount after first 10 trips in a month. Credits For passers-by Mines of city.

Under the existing law, certain exceptions have already been established. The Emergency vehicles And passengers carrying disabled persons will be exempted. The Residents In zone Collections of Congestion Those earning less than USD 60,000 Dollars per year they will receive a Financial loan Equal to the rates they paid, confirmed Spectrum News.

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By Lawprinciple Congestion pricing A minimum of USD 1,000 million should be generated Dollars assigned to Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) funds projects such as infrastructure development, maintenance and upgradation Buses And meterIncluding tax extension meter From Second Avenue to East Harlem.

Critics argue that congestion could increase in areas around the central business district in Manhattan. (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

According to an environmental assessment conducted by the MTA, no Vehicles who enter the area daily Congestion 15% to 20% decrease Transportation The truck can depreciate from 21% to 81% daily. It also means a decrease of Carbon emissionsContribute to improve Air quality and allowing progress in the fight against Climate crisis.

Opponents of the new measure argue that out-of-zone areas Congestion They should probably have a look officer It contains Transportation And this PollutionEspecially in the south Bronx and in Highway of Staten IslandBecause Drivers They will look for alternatives to avoid the new charges.

New Jersey He recently filed a case against Central government To prevent installation Congestion pricingAnd Staten Island plans to sue the MTA for the same purpose.