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Two deans of the School of Medical Sciences have resigned in scandal over favoring a student

Two deans of the School of Medical Sciences have resigned in scandal over favoring a student

Two authors from Medical school of Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) Today Wednesday they resigned from their respective positions of trust Rector Ilka Ríos “banned” the institute’s evaluation processes in favor of a student at the request of his parents.

The teachers who resigned were Dr Hilton Franchi, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Medicine; And the doctor Jolex AntongiorgiAssociate Dean for Student Affairs.

“I do not take this decision lightly as I am truly excited to work closely with our students and encourage the continuous improvement of our medical school and compliance with LCME accreditation requirements. however, It is my unwavering commitment to students to maintain the reputation of the medical school and to fully comply with accreditation standards that lead me to make this decision.”, Franco revealed in his resignation letter.

The professor explained that he participated in a meeting yesterday on Tuesday.Dr. The way Rios has completely disregarded the school’s evaluation processes in favor of a particular student, completely disregarded our school’s regulations, and ignored the university’s appeals process for adverse decisions is utterly disconcerting.”.

The letters of resignation sent to Ivonne Z. Jiménez Velázquez, interim dean of the medical school, were handed in this afternoon.

Professors decried the effects of these types of academic irregularities on attendance. Central State Commission On that day PostgraduateScheduled for September 2022.

Since March, the accrediting agency has alerted the RCM management to the possibility of its accreditation being at risk due to alleged non-compliance with the company’s standards.

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Rector,” Frankie reiterated.Protect the interests of the organization, including ensuring compliance with internal regulations and the requirements of accrediting agencies.”. He asserted that the alleged preference for the rectory was a violation of the regulations Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

Similarly, Dr. Antongiorji expressed his displeasure at the “odd” handling meted out to the medical school student, who was not identified in either document.

In light of recent events, I expressed my strong disagreement with the way a particular student’s situation was handled. As I mentioned, my recommendations are always with the well-being of the student and the medical school in mind.”, announced Antongiorgi in his respective resignation letter.

“As a faculty member of the school, it is impossible for me not to join the demands of my colleagues, who with such care and dedication make the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine better graduate physicians. The above acts are an outrage against teachers and I do not wish to be complicit.Branchi said.

Additionally, Frankie explained that “this type of preferential treatment” exposes the institution to the case processes of other students.

The two professors, who resigned from positions of trust, were appointed to their positions in the deanship during the leadership of the former interim dean of the medical school, Humberto Guiot, who took office last year after a scandal erupted on campus when he was announced. Loss of accreditation for neurosurgery training program.

Faculty of the medical school have requested an urgent meeting with the medical school’s interim dean, Ivonne Jiménez, to discuss the situation, this newspaper has learned.

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“This is a big crime. All admissions and promotion processes on campus should be free of political influences,” comments a doctor from the medical school, who asked not to be identified.

At the end of this edition, Rector Rios has not responded to the complaints made by the RCM’s professors.

A source from this newspaper recalled that it was not the first time that medical science directors tried to put “the interests of one party” before the company’s criteria. In the past, other authorities tried to admit students to the campus without meeting all the admission criteria.

He also shared that current rector Rios was on the board of former rector Rafael Rodríguez Mercado when the former governor was offered the faculty position. Ricardo Rosello Nevarez.

“I do not rule out taking further steps”

Subsequently, UPR Chairman, Lewis A. FerraoHe said he was aware of the allegations since last Friday and asked the Office of Central Administrative Legal Affairs to appoint an investigating officer to continue the probe “to preserve purity and transparency”.

“However, given the seriousness of the allegations that have come out publicly, in which irregular actions are attributed directly to Rector Dr. Ilka Ríos, I do not rule out taking additional measures”as stated in the written statements.

The inspector shall submit a report with findings, indications and recommendations within 20 days. Ferrao does not specify the date when the term began.

Journalist Kayla Lopez Alicia contributed to this story.