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The US Embassy has canceled all its consular services

The US Embassy has canceled all its consular services

Today, October 12 and tomorrow, the 13th of the same month, all regular consular services, including interviews for immigrant and non-immigrant visas (tourist and business) at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City, have been canceled, according to the official website. of Diplomatic Headquarters. If you have an appointment here, this is what you need to do.

US Embassy in Guatemala Cancelled Regular consular services are scheduled for this Thursday, October 12 and Friday, October 13, 2023. This includes appointments for American Citizen Services (ACS), including passports, CRBAs, and notary services, as well as immigrant visas and immigrant interview appointments. .

Only applicants with approved and confirmed emergency appointments for ACS and visa services will be admitted to the consulate on their emergency appointment date. All this amid growing political tension in the Central American country.

US Embassy cancels appointments

Based on this information, US citizens who require an urgent appointment can contact [email protected]. If you need to review a passport or a notary appointment, you should visit the link https://gt.usembassy.gov/appointment. CRBA appointment holders will be contacted by the ACS unit to reschedule their appointments.

Emergency non-immigrant visa applicants should follow the instructions for requesting an emergency appointment at the following address: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/gt/en/expedited-appointment.

Meanwhile, for non-immigrant visa appointments scheduled for October 12 and 13, the new appointment date will be sent to the email address registered in the applicant’s profile: ustraverldocs.com and via text message. They can also check their profile to see the new appointment date.

They explain that if applicants cannot reach their local Cargo Express agency or it is closed on the day of their appointment to submit their visa renewal application, their application will be received on any business day showing your appointment confirmation page until November 30, 2023.

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Applicants who have an appointment for an immigrant visa will be contacted by email with information to reschedule their appointment,” they conclude.