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Tensions continue in Guatemala: Prosecutor’s office raids Supreme Electoral Court for third time

Tensions continue in Guatemala: Prosecutor’s office raids Supreme Electoral Court for third time

Tensions continue in Guatemala: Prosecutor’s office raids two headquarters of Supreme Electoral Tribunal (AP)

The tension in Guatemala It doesn’t stop because it was defined as a candidate in the last elections Semilla Movement, Bernardo Arevalo de Leon, will be the country’s next president, the Public Ministry has stepped up efforts to suspend him and prevent him from taking office.

Thus, this Tuesday dozens of police officers and Prosecutor’s Office – Under orders Raphael KuruchichOffice of the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity (FECI), and Cynthia Monterosso– They performed Two attacks At headquarters Supreme Election Tribunal, With a view to gathering information within the framework of open investigations against the organization.

In particular, the registry of political parties and ballot papers used in the second round of elections were searched at the Civil Registry and the Industrial Park respectively.

The raids were conducted under the orders of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity (FECI) and Attorney Cynthia Monterosso (AP).

At Parque de la Industria, court spokesman Luis Gerardo Ramírez said prosecutors opened boxes containing the votes cast by every citizen in the elections for president, vice president, congressional representatives, local mayors and representatives. Central American Parliament. , collected the null and unused ones and photographed them.

“The Opening boxes Under the strict responsibility of the public ministry and the judge who issued the order,” Ramírez reported on actions led by officials sanctioned by the US government to undermine democratic institutions and prevent the fight against corruption.

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The prosecutor’s office asked for at least a reconsideration 160 boxes With votes from various sectors across the country, the spokesperson added.

About 160 boxes were opened and ballots were photographed from various departments across the country (AP).

This manipulation of sealed bags goes on Election law and against political parties It establishes that only the Supreme Electoral Tribunal can open them, denounced the body’s director of communications, David de Leon.

Meanwhile, the public ministry declined to say which specific complaint the raids were in response to, instead limiting itself to conducting raids.

However, it turned out that the judge Freddy Orellana – Authorized by the US to issue judicial decisions for political purposes – Authorized searches to seize evidence, extract digital information, and analyze data from computers, memories, tablets and phones.

All these actions, as well as past attempts to suspend the movement and even its Congressmen’s declaration of ‘independence’, were part of Ariwalo’s condemnation. Conspiracy Organized by the Attorney General Consuelo Boras and by Curruchiche.

Bernardo Arevalo denounces the Public Ministry as organizing a coup to prevent him from taking office in January (Europe Press)

According to the president-elect, the authorities are trying to prevent his inauguration on January 14 at all costs, which, in any case, has already begun.

The President is still in office, Alejandro GiamatteiArévalo, who has already held meetings with the incoming cabinet, said this Monday that his swearing-in ceremony would go ahead as planned, saying, “If my life is necessary, it is there, but Whether I like it or not, you are going to be the next president of Guatemala.”.

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“Elections are one thing, judicial disciplinary processes are another… No one can be prevented from taking office,” he clarified on the public ministry’s actions.

Since the beginning of this last electoral process – and since the results of June 25 – Guatemala alone has been the protagonist of disputes and interventions of justice. In fact, these elections have been one of the most eventful in recent years, leading many national and international organizations to express their concern over the Attorney General’s Office’s attempts to intimidate the Election Commission.

(With information from AP)