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United States Social Security offers an additional bonus in monthly payments.  How to get it?

United States Social Security offers an additional bonus in monthly payments. How to get it?

Did you know that Social Security in the United States offers an extra bonus on monthly payments? You may not be aware of this benefit yet, but it is absolutely real.

In essence, there are ways to boost the income of beneficiaries, especially retirement checks.

The aforementioned Social Security payments can last for years or even decades. Therefore, it is necessary to get better economic benefits from them. If you want to earn something extra from your monthly pension, follow the steps below.

What to do to earn more?

The first suggestion is to make as much money as possible while you work.

This will guarantee a higher number of pension payments. The Social Security Administration (SSA) sets monthly wages based on the 35-year highest earnings formula.

For those who haven’t worked for 35 years or haven’t earned much in that period, it’s a good idea to look for a higher salary before retirement. This is the first step in allowing an increase in Social Security payments.

The second step is to start requesting Social Security checks as late as possible. It is true that it can be done from the age of 62, however it is better to claim them after that age. For example, if you claim your payments when you reach age 62, you’ll have 30% less money than if you did it at age 70.

We recommend checking your spousal benefits, especially if you don’t work and your partner does.

If so, you may be eligible for spousal Social Security. If you wait to apply until full retirement age, these benefits will be 50% of your partner’s income.

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Don’t forget the cost of living adjustment (COLA). This is similar to the bonus you receive from Social Security benefits. If you follow these tips, you can get an improved test.