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Putin calls Trump cases ‘harassment of political rival’

Putin calls Trump cases ‘harassment of political rival’

(CNN) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has made brief comments about the ongoing criminal proceedings against former US President Donald Trump, calling them political persecution.

Speaking in Vladivostok on Tuesday, Putin said, “As far as the case against Trump is concerned, it is good for us under the current conditions. Because it shows the rottenness of the American system that cannot teach others about democracy.

“The only thing happening with Trump is the harassment of a political rival for political reasons. And it’s done in front of the public in America and around the world.

Putin continued: “They simply exposed their internal problems, and in this sense, that’s good [para nosotros] Because it shows who is fighting against us, it shows the brutal look, the brutal smile of American imperialism, as they said in the Soviet era.

The Russian president also said that no matter who becomes the next president of the United States, nothing is likely to change radically in terms of anti-Russian sentiment. [Estados Unidos] Consider Russia an enemy and an enemy.

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