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What are constellations, how many are there and why are they?

The constellations are part of the results given by human ingenuity in order to organize extraterrestrial reality.

Since ancient times, observation of space and human curiosity and imagination have been crucial in solidifying the knowledge we have so far Universe. In this aspect, the horoscopes It provides one of the best examples, because it is the result of the need to organize and point beyond earthly boundaries. Its definition has been useful even in other non-scientific disciplines, such as Astrology.

Constellations and stars

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (a potfor its acronym in English) explains that horoscopes a group of stars which together generate a particular shape in the sky. Precisely for this reason, they have been given names depending on what imagination brings them closer.

Although it may seem that you are starsor hold constellation, close to each other, and the fact is that they are not close to each other at all. They are also very far from Land.

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According to the encyclopedia Britannicathe oldest Greek work treating the constellations as such, is Phenomena From the astronomer Eudoxus of Cnidus (c. 395-337 BC). Of their total, 48 of them honor the names and tendencies of yesteryear. The rest were added by European astronomers in XVII-XVIII centuries.

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If you are talking about horoscopesit is also correct to give space to a file stars. First of all, it is currently recognized 88 from the first, officially. Some can be seen from both hemispheres, while others can only be seen from both hemispheres.

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With the above in mind, it can be said that the starsLike the horoscopes, are groups of stars, supported by human imagination, that are also associated with some personalities. The difference is that these groups They are not recognized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Actually, it is stars usually participate in it horoscopes different from the shape.

What is a star?

stars It is understood as any celestial body that produces Light and heat due to the activity of its core, which consists mainly of helium and hydrogen. The earliest example of Land Is it sunbut scientists calculate that it is found only in the Milky Way 300 billion stars.

Constellations in science

For astronomers, Constellations serve as landmarks in the universe. Their movement is minimal and almost imperceptible. Many stars, nebulae and other objects are named after the constellation in which they are found, according to a report a pot.

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Also, some phenomena have been named with a verdict constellation in which I grew up. This is the situation meteor showers, For example. One of them takes place every October and is known as OrionidsBecause it seems to come from Constellation Orion the Hunter.

In ancient times, sailors used it Constellation knowledge To orient themselves in front of the immensity of the ocean. Currently, automated devices sent into space by various agencies use star maps to determine their locations.

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