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Warning of heavy rains and floods in central and eastern Cuba

Warning of heavy rains and floods in central and eastern Cuba

On June 8, specialists from the Cuban Institute of Meteorology (Insmet) launched their “second special warning” of heavy rains and floods in various towns in the center and east of the country. In addition to a small basin in the Gulf of Mexico, the instability in the afternoon makes the rains heavier and the rivers grow, making some cities isolated.

In this way Special notice It will continue to rain in that part of the island, especially from Camaguey to the province of Santiago de Cuba. They add that “this hydrometeorological condition is related to the persistence of a bottom in the middle and upper troposphere over the Gulf of Mexico, combined with wet flow from the southwest and afternoon instability, caused by intense warming during the day and local conditions.” .

Data from Insmet showed that in at least 32 regions of the country accumulated precipitation exceeding 100mm was reported, in two of which it was precipitation above 200mm.

Rain and floods in Cuba

The most important values ​​were identified in Baire, Santiago de Cuba, with more than 300 mm, Charco Redondo in Granma, with more than 200 mm, and Guamuta, in Holguín, with more than 177 mm. Granma province was the country that received the most water in the last hours, leaving many swollen rivers and isolated towns.

Cuban meteorologists have warned that in the next 24 to 48 hours, these conditions of atmospheric instability will continue throughout the island, especially in the center and east. Generating activity from rain, rain and electrical storms in a large part of the country.

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