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They find a safe and sound Cuban woman who has been missing for more than 12 days

They find a safe and sound Cuban woman who has been missing for more than 12 days

Myrelis Hernandez, the Cuban who earlier this week requested urgent help to locate her 59-year-old mother, who had been missing for 12 days at the time after dating a man, announced late Thursday that her mother had indeed returned with her. “Safe and sound.”

“Now, thank God, my mother is safe and well with me. I thank all the people, friends and relatives who were worried about this difficult situation.”the young woman wrote in a brief text in language Facebook and in it, as is usual in these cases, he gives no details of the circumstances of his mother’s reappearance.

Facebook Capture / Mayrelis Hernandez

In a post on June 6, Mayrelis raised major concerns when she explained her mom He was away from home for about two weeks After dating a guy his picture came out.

“The person accompanying her has a fake ID.”She limited herself to the selection, and asked those who had any information to contact her privately.

Barely two days later, the case was positively resolved, leading to comments of relief and joy among those close to the family.

There was also no shortage of questions from some netizens in the comments section of his post about what happened and the fate of the subject of the alleged fake identity that triggered the alarms, something that there was no news about at the conclusion of this. NB.

In her first post, Mairelis Hernandez did not mention her mother’s name, where she lives, or where she was last seen, although the post went viral and achieved its goal of generating a response, proving once again the reach of social media. social. Networks and independent media that echo such requests for help.

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This Thursday was also news A Cuban mother and her minor daughter have been found who were in Unknown location in a city Holguin Since Sunday, as announced on Facebook Young brother.

In this case, it was not displayed either. Other details about the conditions in which they were found The young mother previously known as “Yanette” and the minor named “Julia Maria”.

“My sister has neurological problems. They are with her husband, who also has a neurological problem. They are in the Yutong carriage,” the young woman’s brother said on social media a while ago before noticing the appearance of his sister and niece. , which prompted comments of relief among friends and relatives of the family, as well as among anonymous citizens who showed interest and interest in the case.

Reports of missing persons in Cuba have become more frequent in recent months, as well as requests for help spreading through social networks to obtain information.