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Warn!  Motagua suffers a match-sensitive loss to Olympia in the League final - ten

Warn! Motagua suffers a match-sensitive loss to Olympia in the League final – ten

Bad news was present in the Mutagua semi-final team vs. Olympiad. The Blues will not be able to count on one of their characters who has been a core player in most games.

Introduction Marco Tulio Vega’s photo It will be dropped for the first match defining the title of Clausura 2021, which will take place on Sunday at 6:00 pm at the National Stadium.

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The semifinals against Real Spain Not only did he leave loads of drama but also injuries along the way. Vega suffered a collision with Devron Garcia In the second leg which made it impossible for him to continue the match; It was his injury to his right ankle that prevented him from training normally as well as preparing for the final match against those who struggle Pedro Trueglio. The attacker suffers from twisting and heightened anxiety as his presence in the second leg is also at risk.

Marco Tullio Vega was injured in the semi-final against Real Spain

After confirming this withdrawal, Technical Director Diego Martin Vasquez, Shuffles cards to supply his second attacker. Among the options dealt with in the Motaguínes environment is that of the Argentine striker Gonzalo Closiner He will return to the title to be the attacking duo with Paraguay Roberto Moreira.

Another option, although less likely, is that there is a change in the tactical scheme and that there is an attempt to compensate for Vega’s absence with another midfielder or winger; Log in this way Carlos “Moma” Fernandez To complete the medullary area next to Juan Angel DelgadoAnd the Matthias GalvalizAnd the Walter MartinezAnd the Kevin Lopez.

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– Christopher Melendez, touched –

The defender was another player touched after the semi-finals against the machine Christopher Melendez Who was hit in the shoulder.

Melendez He is evaluated during these days by the medical staff, but fortunately for the blue fans this Saturday the “Owl” is training alongside his teammates, and unlike Vega what did you do Treatments To recover, it is He trained with team mates.

Christopher Melendez has shoulder pain, but he is “good” for tomorrow’s final match

These are the only cases that arouse suspicion from a material point of view MotaguaThe rest of the team train normally and announce their readiness for the first match of this Sunday 6:00 pm In the National Stadium.