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Wanda Vazquez pleads not guilty to accepting bribes to fund her 2020 campaign

Wanda Vazquez pleads not guilty to accepting bribes to fund her 2020 campaign

former ruler Wanda Vasquez Garisedwho was arrested last Thursday by agents Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, in English), he waived his trial hearing and pleaded not guilty to alleged conspiracy and accepting bribes to fund his 2020 election campaign.

From the case file, it appears that the petition was filed by the lawyer Ignacio Fernandez de Lahongres On Saturday, August 6th. The case is in the hands of the federal judge Raul Arias Markswatch.

An acknowledgment of innocence is being filed on behalf of Defendant Vásquez Garched with respect to all the charges against her in the indictment. The parties will have seven days to discover and 14 days thereafter to make any proposal,” as explained in the motion signed by the judge. Camille L. Feliz Reeve The date is Monday.

new day He asked to speak to the defense, but a press spokesperson for the former governor reported that, for the time being, they would not be making statements on the case.

Vázquez Garcid, who has been in La Fortaleza for only 17 months, faces three counts of conspiracy, bribery and wire fraud, and if found guilty, he could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

In all, there are seven counts in total against the former governor and the other defendants Giulio Herrera Velotinia Venezuelan international banker who owns Bancrédito International Bank & Trust Corporation, and a former FBI agent Mark Rossini.

The indictment asserts that from December 2019 to June 2020, the then-governor, Herrera Velotini and Rossini. Willfully and intentionally conspired with others to commit crimes against the United States.

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According to the document, since the beginning of 2019, the international banker, along with his co-conspirators, has sought to interfere with the functions of the Office of the Commissioner for Financial Institutions of Puerto Rico (OCIF) and the functions of the Office of Financial Crimes Control of the US Treasury.

The accusation highlights that Herrera, Velotini and Rossini agreed to provide “thousands of dollars” in funds to support the campaign of Vasquez Governor Jared in exchange for the former Minister of Justice demanding the departure of the then OCIF Commissioner, George Richard Joyner Kellywho conducted the Bancrédito audit.

The alleged agreement included the appointment of Vásquez Garcede as the new OCIF commissioner, favored by Herrera Veloteni. Ain Vazquez Garcid Victor Rodriguez Bonilla To the position in May 2020. Rodríguez Bonilla was a consultant to Bancrédito.

In this case, they plead guilty to the federal domain. John BlackmanVázquez Garced campaign collaborator, and Frances Díaz, CEO (CEO, in English) at Bancrédito.

Jared Vasquez was released on a $50,000 secured bond. As he left federal court, he said the federal charges against him were “unfair.”

Herrera Velotini is in London, while Rossini is in Madrid. The San Juan Federal Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it is in contact with both countries about the possibility of initiating extradition proceedings. This may cause some delay, but it will not stop the judicial process against the former governor.