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The Cattleya network included withholding the passports of the victims

The Cattleya network included withholding the passports of the victims

The 80 women who were prostitutes in Santo Domingo and Bavaro could only use their passport depending on where they worked, and if they didn’t have one, the network took over, causing them to believe they had thousands of dollars in debt.

According to the Public Prosecution’s file, the victims were only given a temporary passport when they went to work in five-star hotels or nightclubs that requested proof of their personal identity. Operation has been called Cattleya.

Of the victims, 78 were Colombians and two Venezuelans, 49 of whom had a passport.

The investigation details that to facilitate their transfer to the country, the criminal structure was responsible for issuing Passports Covering air travel expenses, once the victims were brought into the country, they were forced to admit that they owed between $3,000 and $4,000 with the networks that mobilized them.

With this, the defendants were able to manipulate their victims, leaving them unpaid because the remaining 50% the women were entitled to was a “contribution to their supposed debt which must be fully covered in order for you to be able to do so”. free themselves.”

In addition, they forced them to take controlled substances, subjected them to degrading and inhuman treatment and did not allow them any freedom typical of any human being, which led many to flee.

There are currently 15 people involved in the Cattleya case.

Among the accused: Jose Miguel Michel Guerides (Michelle), Daniel Enrique Enrío Abreu (Daniel), Jose Alberto Soriano Rosario (Doctor), Oscar Wesini, Melvin Jose Valentin Bigero, Cristina Virginia Gonzalez Hernandez, Maria Paula Murillo Vargas, Luis Marie Nieve Oliver Arno Lewinsky and/or Timothy William Case Rainier, Robert Lee Eleuterio Paniagua Diaz, Angelica Johanna Quintero Nino, Marie Foquina Achille (Fiore, Flor or Flores), Alejandro Arturo Batista Bustamante (the cat), Ramón Altagracia Oviedo Castaño de Walwin (the ) and Braulio Manuel Lugo.

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The network was dismantled last week by a series of simultaneous raids carried out by the Public Prosecution Office as part of Operation Cattleya. The coercion measures for those arrested in the operation will be announced next Thursday at 9:00 am.

A Dominican journalist graduated from the Catholic University of Santo Domingo. She is also a broadcaster, lady of the party, and model, as well as the host and producer of her own digital space, Acceso VIP.