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VRAC and science continue to lead with Burgos in a state of beauty

VRAC and science continue to lead with Burgos in a state of beauty

Favorite did not fail on the tenth day of Honor Division and won in their respective obligations. the VRAC Entrepinares Cheese and the Royal Science Enerside Maintaining their dimension at the top of the rankings he is following Recoletas University Burgos in Burgos That with his big win, 0-51 over Baldiri Aleu, he added his sixth consecutive win.

Gernika Intxausti Group s VRAC Entrepinares Cheese They opened the tenth day with a game that was much more than the final score reflected, 8-22. The commander had to work hard to add a new victory and was very close to running out of attack bonus points, because in the last moments Gorkha Argol They were just a few meters away from achieving the second mark and the leader was left without a prize.

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Already on Sunday, the current Honor Division champion, EU SantboianaSurrendered at home because of the good moment of form Recoletas University Burgos in Burgos. Four tries in each half plus a penalty in favor of Burgos sealed the score at 0-51 in the final and cemented Burgos into third place in the table.

Also at 12:00, Les Apelles Receive Barcelona Rugby. The rugby fields of Jorge Diego “Pantera” in Valencia saw a very even match that was decided in the 79th minute by a mark Philip Joy That gave the Catalans the minimum victory, 27-28.

Half an hour later the matches began in La Cartuja and El Pantano. the Royal Science Enerside He bounced back from his first loss of the season in a 33-3 loss to Ambo OrdiziaDispel all doubts and stay very close to the leaderboard. For his part, Colista, the villagefell in front of him Cisneros Complutense Which adds to his third win in a row.

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Today closed at Pepe Rojo where Silver Storm El Salvador Receive Pasek Belinos. After a great first part of the shanties, the recently promoted player was able to enjoy his game a bit more in the second half to seal the final score at 40-21 for the Locals.