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Scholarships to study atmospheric sciences

Scholarships to study atmospheric sciences

The call for scholarships 2023 to study atmospheric sciences degree is now open. The duration of the scholarships is 4 years and the only condition is They agreed on CBC topics Corresponds to a degree in atmospheric sciences or equivalent prior to March 2023. The program is the result of an agreement between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MINCyT), the National Weather Service (SMN) and the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Meteorology is an essential discipline for the development of the multiple activities that make up the daily life of a community. Transportation, disaster prevention, productive activity, health and tourism are just some of the activities on which it is increasingly dependent, The need for specialized young professionals in the region is becoming clear. These scholarships are intended to provide incentives to students, in order to increase the number of graduates in strategic areas and, in this way, to increase the number of qualified professionals in the institutions of the National System of Science and Technology.

Its main objective is to implement measures aimed at alleviating the situation that meteorology is currently going through, which is characterized by an insufficient number of professionals and a low rate of job enrollment, which generates an emergency situation in a strategic area of ​​knowledge of multiple activities.

Subscribe to scholarships over here. You have until October 15th

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