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Vinicius Junior goes to Barcelona!  "It's culé, culé": André Curie

Vinicius Junior goes to Barcelona! “It’s culé, culé”: André Curie

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Vinicius Jr He was one of my players real Madrid most prominent in Modern classic suede Barcelona, for this reason Andrew Corey, The former supervisor of the Blaugrana club dared to reveal it This ingredient goes from meringue to cola.

Since his arrival in the white team, Vinicius wanted to show his love for the shirt by kissing the shield, while the Blaugrana fans booed him, because His first destination was Barcelona, ​​not Madrid.

So said Cory, who was one of the club’s spectators in Brazil, on Què T’hi Jugues que “Vinicius is a culé. But a culé, a culé. I can tell he cried with Barcelona’s 6-1 comeback against PSG.”

He pointed out that Vinicius was indeed from Barcelona, ​​as Pique commented last week to eBay, but Real Madrid seem to have taken him too far.

“Vinicius was signed by Barcelona. The player’s clients were good friends of mine. This issue was there for us, but at the last moment my friends and the club betrayed me. We haven’t spoken to each other since 2017.”

Curie was also an important part of Neymar coming to Barcelona. “It cost a lot to bring Neymar. Neymar came for the love of this club. Under normal circumstances, he didn’t come. Real Madrid offered him an extra 100 million euros.”

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