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Video: Chiquis Rivera shows off her curves in a daring bodysuit with transparencies

Video: Chiquis Rivera shows off her curves in a daring bodysuit with transparencies

Chiquis Rivera He can’t be stopped, and so he’s been allowed to appear on social networks, where he’s shared a video of himself getting dressed bold look which left little to the imagination. It was on his official account instagram Where the regional music singer shared photos of the outfit she wore to her show in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States, bodysuit jumpsuit With translucent leaves that show off their curves.

The daughter of singer Jenny Rivera – who died in a tragic plane crash on December 9, 2012 – confirmed that she ignores the criticism, and will continue to show her more provocative and sensual side with her fashion, because she is on more than one occasion. The interpreter has been attacked by her critics for showing a curvaceous silhouette, however, she makes it clear that she is proud of her figure.

Chiquis Rivera shows off her curves in a bodysuit with transparencies

It was on the Meta platform where chiquis He shared a clip with his 5.6 million fans showing his figure in a skintight look, an outfit that was also perfect for singer Lupio Rivera’s niece to steal looks and show off his new silhouette, since then for several times. Months that fans have seen her lose a few kilos, so she is also an example of this.

“Nashville Nights… #AbejaReinaTour,” a translator wrote songs like “Baila así,” to accompany videoand confirms in his networks that he does not cease to be surprised by his risky appearance, especially when it comes to flaunting tight outfits in which his silhouette stands out, and draws attention to his revealing areas, as he revealed in his last post that he has received more than 500 comments and about 50,000 likes.

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chiquis He caused a stir with photos in which he was seen walking in front of a luxury truck, flaunting that he had a sleeker silhouette in his black and blue suit, a piece he paired with a fur coat and fluffy ankle boots that were perfect for giving the look a sensual touch.

Chiquis imposes her dangerous style. Photo: IG @chiquis

This is not the first time that Jani Marin Rivera, the real name of the daughter of the so-called Diva de la Banda, raises controversy because of her bold appearance or her publications, as we remember that she became a trend when she appeared without clothes, as she did a few months ago. Since the shower, she’s been showing off her beauty and voluptuous silhouette that has crowned her as one of the curvy queens.

Translator of songs such as “El Honor”, which appeared for the first time on television in the reality show “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C” and in “I Love Jenni”, between 2009 and 2013, and today she is one of the most important representatives of the regional genre and also A celebrity who imposes fashion on curvy girls with their looks, showing that size does not contradict any style.

The singer looks bold. Photo: IG @chiquis

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