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Video: Arrest of mayors of Zacatecoluca and San Rafael Obraguelo for alleged corruption

Video: Arrest of mayors of Zacatecoluca and San Rafael Obraguelo for alleged corruption

The operation, which was carried out in the early hours of Monday morning, includes the arrest of members of municipal councils and agents of the Palestinian National Council. In total, there are 19 people, three of them are runaways. The investigation that led to the arrest of mayors and other defendants took eight months, according to the Public Prosecutor.

A total of 16 people were arrested during an operation early Monday, accused of corruption. In Operation Monarca, an arrest warrant was issued for 19 people, three of them at large. Among those arrested are the mayors of Zacatecoluca, Francisco Salvador Heresi, and the mayor of San Rafael Obrajuelo, Rafael Amilcar Aguilar. Councilors and the managing director were also arrested.

Herzi Murataya will be charged with the crimes of unfair negotiation and personal bribery. While Raphael Amilcar Aguilar on the crime of embezzlement.

Attorney General’s Office I mentioned that the people arrested were linked to acts of corruption committed in the municipalities of Zacatecoluca and San Rafael Obraguelo. The Public Prosecutor indicated that in the case of the mayor and chancellor of San Rafael Obraguelo, they sold the basic grains that they had to hand over to the people.

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They worked on the basis of negotiated grants, bribes, and infrastructure projects. “A certain amount of money was paid that was later distributed,” said Attorney General Raul Millara, on the interview program with Ernesto Lopez, on Channel 21.

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The public prosecutor added that the investigation that culminated in the arrest of the mayors and the other accused took eight months, and there was no cooperation from the CIA. He confirmed that they are investigating more corruption networks in other municipalities, but he did not go into details.

The commission stated in a statement that the investigations that began in August 2020 revealed that the defendants negotiated the submission of technical files and direct purchase orders in which individuals paid members of municipal councils and mayors in exchange for their votes until the purchases were approved, in the interest of those interested in illegal businessmen.

In addition, it was decided that the mass transit employers had pushed the Zacatecoluca Municipal Council to approve an agreement to affect “competition”.

Photos of the Attorney General of the Republic

According to the accusation, during the emergence of the storms of “Cristobal”, “Amanda” and “Eta”, the office of the Mayor of San Rafael Obraguelo allocated 900 quintals of donated corn, then each sold for 11.00 dollars.

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Among those arrested was the Deputy Inspector W. Corporal from the Palestinian National Council, The prosecution accuses them of receiving gifts from businessmen to carry out missions to combat “piracy” on public transport.

The arrests are part of a process called Operation King, which was carried out in different parts of the country.

List of prisoners:

1 – Jaime Gilberto Valdes Hernandez (VALCAS SA DE CV)
2 – Alejandro Oswaldo Cruz Bian (Impersonator Engineer)
3. Luis Angel Jimenez Benitez (participated in tenders)
4 – Santos Portillo Gonzalez (Third Council member)
5 – Carlos Arturo Araujo Gómez (Mayor of Zacatecoluca)
6. Edenilson Amilcar Perez Perez (UACI Zacatecoluca)
7. Ever Stanley Henriquez Cruz
8- Manuel de Jesus Ayala (Deputy Inspector of the Congolese National Police)
9 – Jose Riccarti Pineda (Transport Entrepreneur)
10. Raphael Amilcar Aguilar Alvarado (Mayor of San Rafael Obraguelo).
11 – Luis Armando Gómez Alvarado (trading corn with the mayor of San Rafael Obraguelo)
12 – Francisco Salvador Heresi Murataya (Mayor of Zacatecoluca)
13 – Jose Denis Cordova Elizondo (Member of the Council of Zacatecoluca)
14 – Miguel Angel Chicas (lawyer)
15 – Jose Rene Hernandez Voisilón (bus operators)
16 – Jose Rene Hernandez Quinteros (bus operators)

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1 – Eduardo Lara (apparently out of the country)
2. Renee Jacob Hernandez Fossilon (according to information in Portuguese)
3. Ranulfo de Jesus Portillo Diaz