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Comité Político PLD se reúne para abordar aspiraciones a puestos internos

The PLD Political Committee meets to discuss aspirations for internships

The Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) meets with the aim of finding out the reports on the files presented by candidates for positions in the secretariats.

It was also announced that the preparatory agenda for the meeting of the Central Committee of the Democratic Liberation Party, which called for 9 May, will also be determined.

While the meeting is taking place in one of the rooms of the National House of the Department, callers wait for the end of the meeting to receive explanations for the conclusions and decisions reached.

Former President Danilo Medina, as head of the Democratic Liberation Party, leads the meeting, accompanied by Charles Mariotti, Secretary-General and the frontline that includes former Vice President of the Republic Margarita Cidinho, former head of the Democratic Liberation Party, Timistocles Montas. Former presidential candidate, Gonzalo Castillo, Cristina Lizzardo, in charge of the minutes, and Jose Ramon Fadol, the political delegate to the Central Electoral Council.

In the meeting, which started at 10:45 AM, 43 of this 45 internal body members participated. Lucia Medina and Miriam Cabral offered their excuses.

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