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The United Kingdom sanctioned Oscar Nagera for corruption

The United Kingdom sanctioned Oscar Nagera for corruption

United kingdom.

United kingdom On Monday, it announced penalties for actions corruption Against three Central American officials, among them, Oscar Ramon Nagera, Congressman from Honduras.

The statement details that Najira Facilitated bribes with public officials who supported a major organization from drugs smugglingAnd the Catcheros.

“Such behavior seriously undermines the rule of law and confidence in public institutions Honduras“, The government indicated.

Penalties include a Freeze assets s travel ban.

This mapping was made under Regulation from Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions From 2021 United kingdomLaunched today and launched to prevent and combat serious corruption.

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The Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations 2021 It is a secondary legislation created under the Penal Code and Money Laundering Act 2018. These regulations have replaced the European Union sanctions regime.

on the other side Penal Code and Money Laundering of 2018 It states that in cases where the Minister of Foreign Relations has reliable information that foreign government officials are involved in major corruption acts, those involved in serious corruption acts, such as Oscar Ramon Nagera, From entering the United Kingdom, as well as preventing the trading of your assets in the United Kingdom.

The message he says United kingdom The submission is intended to explain that these behaviors are unacceptable and that the global anti-corruption sanction system targets people, not countries. They also indicated that they currently have no other penalties against Honduran citizens.

These measures are taken in part in conjunction with United State, Which today also announces new corruption penalties. “Collective action sends the clearest possible signal that corruption has a heavy price.”

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“We continue to support initiatives that are in line with our own values โ€‹โ€‹of democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law.”

“We will continue to work with Honduras To strengthen our bilateral economic relationship and tackle other top priority issues, such as tackling climate change and further promoting good governance. “