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Rusia prepara un decreto para frenar la partida de inversiones extranjeras

Russia is preparing a decree to stop the exit of foreign investments

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said, on Tuesday, that Russia is preparing a decree to limit the flow of foreign investment that began since the announcement of sanctions against Moscow.

“A draft presidential decree has been prepared to impose temporary restrictions on the exit of (foreign investors) from Russian assets,” the agency quoted the prime minister as saying, in order to “allow companies to make frank decisions” and not under “political pressure.” news agencies.

“We hope that those who have invested in our country will be able to continue working in it,” the head of the Russian government said at a meeting on economic issues.

The United States, Europe and allied countries have adopted sanctions of historic size against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

Punitive measures include closing the airspace of Russian aircraft throughout the European Union, exclusion from a major international money transfer system, and above all sanctions against the Russian president and his circle, including like-minded businessmen.

In this attack, Switzerland broke its traditional neutrality and announced that it had acceded to the measures adopted by Europe and the United States.

After these actions, a huge drain of foreign capital from Russia began. The pressure is especially increasing for the large Western oil and gas groups located in Russia, a country that gets most of its foreign exchange earnings from exploiting its energy resources.

The two giant oil companies “BP” and “Shell” announced their withdrawal from their projects in Russia and that they were in the process of selling the shares they had in Russian companies.

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