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LR Prosecutor commits disobedience, contempt, resistance, anger and abuse of authority |  AlMomento.net

LR Prosecutor commits disobedience, contempt, resistance, anger and abuse of authority | AlMomento.net

The author is a lawyer and journalist. Lives in Santo Domingo.

The prosecutor of La Romana, Carol Morla Rodriguez, who was arrested by police officers, in addition to violating the traffic law, committed crimes of insubordination, contempt, resistance and anger against authority, which are frequently committed in countries such as the Dominican Republic. Republic, where any citizen is believed to be above the law

Morla Rodriguez alleges she was assaulted, arrested and handcuffed by police officers when she said she was returning at 11pm on Thursday, June 15, from prosecutors’ assignment. An order was issued to detain the young plaintiff by a police patrol when she was spotted driving a vehicle without a license plate, in violation of Law No. 63-17 on Land Mobility and Transportation, to which only she has the right. Who is a member of the judiciary?

According to what was seen in a video and from her own statements, she chose to disobey the policemen, continue driving and stop in front of the police station, where many customers also told her that she could not park in that place, and moved the car, which he also did not do, but acted arrogantly. Believing he had more authority than uniformed officers.

In her misconduct, the actress acted inappropriately, with insubordination, intimidation and anger against certain police officers, who had the authority to order her to do things and comply with her requests.

Given the young woman’s arrogance, the police officer had no choice but to order her arrest. With his actions, in addition to the violation of Law 63-17, he violated several articles of the Dominican Penal Code, among them 209, which embody the crimes of resistance, insubordination and contempt, and 222, which punishes abuse of authority.

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Contempt is committed according to our legal system when an authority, administrative or judicial or whatever its scope, is insulted or threatened in the exercise of its functions, or when a specific order or instruction issued by that authority is disobeyed.

Some laws also call this offense disobedience to authority, which occurs when there is an order issued directly by a competent agent, which the offender must comply with, but refuses to do so.

the The order must provide for something to be done or not to be done, that is, it must have a concrete and achievable content, within the framework of the functions of the acting official.

In other countries, such as Spain, this offense is known as an attack on power, characteristic of it Article 550 which states: Those who attack the authority, its agents or public officials, use force against them, seriously intimidate them or seriously resist, also, when or when they perform the functions of their office, are guilty of attack. “.

the Supreme Court of that country by its judgments of October 6, 1982; February 14, 1983 and January 20, 1997 say that the inalienable legal right in this type of crime is the principle of power. This means that more than protecting a police officer is the authority he represents.

According to laws and jurisprudence, the public prosecutor must be brought to justice for committing her crimes of disobeying authority, contempt for it, resistance and its seriousness, because it is obligatory in this country once and for all. For everyone, not only to protect the policemen, but also the authority they represent, otherwise this country would remain a jungle where anyone would break the law and do whatever they want.

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