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Important announcement regarding appointments to the Consulate of Mexico in Havana

Important announcement regarding appointments to the Consulate of Mexico in Havana

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed The Consulate of Mexico in Havana will carry out the visa appointments and approvals corresponding to the third quarter of the year.

A total of 5,145 appointments will be scheduled on June 21. This process will be carried out according to the order in which users are registered in the Citas Cuba system.

In this allocation, priority will be given to family reunification and work and study visas, with the aim of facilitating procedures for those in dire need. It should be noted that during the first two weeks of September, the dates corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2023 will be set.

It is important to note that the system Cuban dating It will automatically assign appointments to pre-registered users, respecting chronological order and until availability is exhausted. Those people who already have a user in the system do not need to create a new account.

It is emphasized that appointments are free, personal and non-transferable. Abuse of the system will result in any suspicious appointment being canceled and the corresponding user banned. Therefore, we urge users to avoid sharing their personal data with third parties offering to schedule appointments on their behalf, as they may be canceled without prior notice. The security of users’ personal information and funds is paramount.

For those who need to make a procedure at the Consulate of Mexico in Havana and do not have a registered user in the Citas Cuba system, they are asked to access the official website: https://citascuba.sre.gob.mx/ And enter their biographical data and the type of action required to create a user. Once registered, they must wait for the system to assign them an appointment.

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The Department of State continues to work hard to improve the quality and availability of services at the Mexican Consulate in Havana. The purpose of this designation is to expedite and facilitate consular procedures, and to ensure better service to Mexican nationals and foreigners who need their services in Cuba.