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The lack of generating capacity affects electrical service in Cuba today

The lack of generating capacity affects electrical service in Cuba today

The electrical service was affected yesterday due to a generation capacity deficit that occurred from 1:44 pm to 12:40 am, and lasted 10 hours and 56 minutes. During this period, the maximum impact recorded was 275 megawatts, which occurred at 9:40 p.m.

Today, at 07:00, the National Electric System (SEN) reported availability of 2,590 MW and demand of 2,430 MW, with the entire system in service. Estimated impact of 150 MW during daylight hours.

As for the units out of service due to the collapse, there is the second unit of the Filton thermoelectric power station and the fifth unit of the thermal power plant in Rent. In addition, maintenance works are being carried out for Unit 6 of the Máximo Gómez Thermal Power Plant, Unit 5 of the Diez de Octubre Thermal Power Plant and Unit 6 of the Rente Thermoelectric Power Plant.

Limitations in thermal generation remain at 309 MW. On the other hand, in distributed generation, 935.6 MW is reported to be unavailable due to faults and 159.5 MW is under maintenance.

For peak demand, it is estimated that 2 engines in mobile generation with a capacity of 36 MW, unit 2 entry of the R hydropower station 80 MW, recovery of 100 MW of distributed generation engines that were out of service due to lack of fuel, and 160 MW of distributed generation engines are estimated.

Based on this forecast, availability is estimated at 2,980 MW and maximum demand is 3,000 MW during peak hours, which means a deficit of 20 MW and an impact of 90 MW is expected.

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SEN continues to work to maintain the stability of the electrical system and recommends rational and efficient use of electrical energy to residents, especially during hours of greatest demand.