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Venezuela: In the final minutes of registration, the opposition is still prevented from registering its candidate

Venezuela: In the final minutes of registration, the opposition is still prevented from registering its candidate

Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado with Corina Llores (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

A leader close to the main opposition coalition in Venezuela He registered his candidacy for the presidential elections on Monday, hours before the nomination period closed, without the coalition he leads Maria Corina Machado He announced his support.

Enrique Marquezformer university president National Electoral Council (CNE), submit their application to that body at the end of the deadline. At the same time, the unitary program maintains Last minute meetings In light of the regime’s obstacle to registering the opposition delegate candidate, Corinna Uris.

After officially announcing his candidacy, Márquez said: “I will seek the vote of every Venezuelan, without considering myself the author of the truth (…), because we Venezuelans are tired of arrogance, we are tired of “the Messiah.”

Vice President of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Enrique Márquez, participates in an interview with EFE at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council in Caracas (Venezuela). Effy/Rainer Peña R.

The candidate also denounced the “democratic deficit” in this Caribbean country. He continued: “We must work to cover this deficit.”

He did not mention Machado.

For its part, the unionist platform denounced the impossibility of entering into the system of formalizing the registration process for its candidate.

The text published on social media stated, “The vast majority of the people want to vote to achieve change for Venezuela by the power of voting!!.”

The message published by the unitary platform on its social network

In the preview, the candidate of the Venezuelan opposition delegate for the presidential elections scheduled for next July 28, Corinna UrisThey announced that they had requested an extension so that they could register their candidacy before the National Electoral Council (CNE) due to Inability to access the application system.

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The registration period ends this Monday.

“We asked, through a letter that we could not deliver in person despite all attempts, but was sent digitally, for an extension so that we could enter the system and register,” Joris explained in an interview published by the Venezuelan news portal. Kokuyo effect.

The communication sent to the National Elections Commission requests another three days, until March 28, “to correct the factual and legal violations that occurred in this process” and to be able to “Go ahead with the request” which was “impossible” for them.

They therefore consider that “constitutional rights have been violated,” such as the right to “participate in public affairs directly or through elected representatives.”

However, the President of the CNE, Elvis AmorusoHe confirmed that the application process ends on Monday. The National Electoral Council announced shortly after Maduro submitted his documents, according to what was reported by the Venezuelan press, that “today, by the way, the participation of organizations with political purposes in presenting their candidates has ended.”

CNE President Elvis Amoruso confirmed that the application process ends on Monday. (EFE/Rayner Peña R.)

The opposition candidate explained that “access is not restricted because Corinna Uris was excluded,” as was the case with her predecessor in the candidacy. Maria Corina MachadoRather, “Access is closed to any card you want to use.”

He added: “We will not leave the electoral path. You can be sure of that. If someone leaves the path, it will be from the other side.” It's not us, he stressed.

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Furthermore, Joris expressed his willingness to “give the baton back” to Machado. “Here we have to win the race, and if someone has to pass the baton to another to continue the race, it's over.”

In the same vein, the candidate of the Communist Party of Venezuela – Dignidad (PCV-Dignidad) announced, Manuel Isidro Molinawas also unable to finalize his candidacy after the Supreme Court appointed PCV representation for Henry Barra.

The PCV-Dignidad chose to try to register its candidate through the New Vision for My Country (Nuvipa) organization, which was empowered by the National Electoral Council to hold the elections, but this was not possible.

“The corrupt PSU government and its front men stole the NUVIPA card to prevent the registration of the alternative and independent presidential candidacy of Manuel Isidro Molina,” Molina said on his social media account X.

So far, 30 political parties have been able to submit their nominations and support ten candidates, including the current Venezuelan leader, Nicolas Maduro. They signed up too Luis Eduardo Martinez, Daniel Ceballos, Antonio Icari, Jose Brito, Juan Carlos Alvarado, Javier Bertucci, Claudio Firmin, Benjamin Racio, Luis Ratti.

(Information from Europe Press)