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USCIS will issue thousands of green cards before September 30. Find out if you’re eligible here

The United States Immigration Service (USCIS) is recommending that thousands of green card applicants who live in the United States send in the specified form as soon as possible. This is fundamental when approving settlements. The government agency warns that it will expire on September 30, the same day as the end of the 2022 fiscal year.

“If you applied for a green card based on employment and we sent you a Request for Evidence for Form I-693, please contact us as soon as possible so we can make a final decision on your application,” the Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services recommends. (USCIS) on its Twitter social networking account.

At the same time, it warns green card applicants that their application for lawful permanent residence (LPR) in the United States will be rejected if they do not file on time.

Why the rush?

From its official website, USCIS said the annual cap for employment-based immigrant visas in 2022 is “twice the usual. This is due to the closure of embassies around the world during the pandemic. This prevented 140,000 family-provided visa slots from being used in fiscal year 2021.

One of the most promising is that in fiscal year 2022, Immigration has guaranteed that it will use “as many available employment-based visas (Form I-485)” as possible. It ends on September 30, 2022.

USCIS also warns:

In cases where applications are approved and a visa is obtained, “But you know that the Form I-485 you previously filed does not contain the correct Form I-693 (Medical Report and Immunization Record). As soon as possible, visit a doctor and prepare the form as requested by us.

Applicants for a green card for legal and permanent residency in the United States must confirm one important detail. Form I-693 (Questionable Medical Certification) must be duly signed by a USCIS-certified physician as part of Form I-485. In this way, it will be convenient to look for a specialist approved by the immigration.

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If the completion of the medical examination and certification is performed by a physician not certified by USCIS, the green card application may be denied. Better not to risk it.

Another important issue is the expiration of documents. In cases where the interview takes more than six months, this document will already expire. Therefore, the green card applicant needs to get a new form. It is better to go to the same doctor without overcharging for the medical certificate.

In any case, if the applicant is in doubt, he should seek the legal assistance of a lawyer to keep all the necessary documents in order and not to miss this opportunity.

What to take into account?

According to USCIS, those who have recently received notification are eligible. It informed them that their application was transferred from a service center to a local USCIS office. But he reiterated the caution to applicants who know their Form I-693 is incorrect.

Aliens with pending green card applications should not submit Form I-693 if they have not already requested one.

“All of this will help us use available visas and respond to your request,” the agency said in its message.

Visas are available

Regarding the availability of immigrant visas that are the basic requirement for obtaining a requested green card, USCIS has described the fiscal year 2021 utilization as 262,288. That’s double what’s normal in a typical year.

The report clarifies that DOS “issued 19,779 immigrant visas for employment.” USCIS used 175,728 through adjustment of status. But, despite the efforts, “66,781 visas remained unused at the end of fiscal year 2021.” Then, add this number to the allocation of immigrant visas issued in fiscal year 2022 to 260,000.

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