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Biden’s popularity is soaring after his administration’s recent actions

Biden’s popularity is soaring after his administration’s recent actions

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has the support of 44 percent of citizens, which allows him to achieve. Highest level of popularity last year Thanks for the recent political milestones achieved by your administration.

According to the Gallup survey of 1,006 interviews conducted between the 1st and 23rd of this month, Biden’s image dipped to 38 percent in July, the lowest since August 2021.

There are still 53 percent of citizens who disapprove of Biden’s job, but Gallup highlighted that at this point in the commission, a month and a half before the general elections, the president’s current popularity is higher than his four immediate predecessors.

Decline Picture of Biden That was largely to blame for the chaotic troop drawdown in Afghanistan a year ago. Experts see a boom The effects of measures such as legislation approved by Congress to increase investment in climate change and improve health care are ongoing.

Among Democratic supporters, Biden has 81 percent support, which drops to 40 percent when independents are counted and 4 percent when Republicans are surveyed.

In terms of subject matter, the White House tenant is most likely to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic (58 percent) and on protecting the environment (50 percent), the economy (31 percent) and Abortion policies (34 percent) are at opposite ends.

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