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US denies visas to Chilean couple for honeymoon in Cuba

US denies visas to Chilean couple for honeymoon in Cuba

A story Chilean couple After the stay went viral on social media No visa required to enter the US To enjoy your vacation Honeymoon in Cuba.

Chilean citizen Geraldine Valdez and her husband had planned to visit the Big Apple in New York, but their dream trip was cut short just days before the trip.

American officials Visa waiver denied This would make them invalid despite having no criminal record or other obvious reasons to enter the country.

In two videos, Geraldine Valdez He shared Your experience with Tik Tok. She described the many attempts she and her partner made to get the visa, thinking they might have made a mistake on the form. They applied three times in a row but all were rejected.

They personally went to the US Embassy in Santiago de Chile and officials told them the reasons behind the decision. One reason she and her husband held Travel to Cuba In April 2023, to enjoy their honeymoon.

They were walking in and around Cayo Guillermo Stayed in facilities They are the property of the Cuban government.

Cuba is also annexed by the US government List of countries sponsoring terrorism As a result, those who visited the island between 2021 and 2023 are excluded from the ESTA or Visa Waiver Program.

Valdez advised his followers to “apply for visas to the United States in advance” because visa denials do not only apply to those who have traveled to Cuba, there are similar reasons for various cases.

The only solution that a Chilean couple can afford Vacation trip to USA Obtaining a B1 tourist visa requires an interview at the US Embassy. The wait is about a year to get an appointment.

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In July, the US government introduced a mobile application for solicitation Visa waiver for the ESTA program (Electronic System for Travel Authorization, or Visa Waiver Program, in Spanish).

“Due to restrictions on travelers from countries that support terrorism or dual citizenships that link to a country that supports terrorism, we Cancellation of ESTA benefit For those people,” he affirmed Cyber ​​Cuba A CBP officer.

Since then, many Cubans with dual citizenship have had their travel permits to the United States revoked en masse.