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US could cover China after extensive technological and military advances, US officials worried |  International |  News

US could cover China after extensive technological and military advances, US officials worried | International | News


U.S. intelligence on Friday expressed concern about China’s artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies that could highlight Beijing more than Washington in the military and other sectors.

The U.S. National Center for Counter-Intelligence and Security (NCSC) said in a statement that China wants to be at the forefront of many emerging technologies by 2030.

“Beijing is focusing on technologies critical to its economic and military future,” the document said, citing biotechnology, advanced computing and AI as examples.

To that end, the NCSC – the center under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Hines – warned that China is trying to acquire technology and “knowledge” “legally, almost legally and illegally.” Do) from the United States and other countries.

According to the report, Beijing invests in science and technology, joint ventures, education and scientific collaboration and talent recruitment programs.

Overall, the NCSC described the Asian company as “Washington’s main strategic competitor” because it has a well-developed and global strategy to acquire and use technology to advance its national goals.

The document warns against Russia, which “targets US advances and uses various legal and illegal technology transfer mechanisms to support efforts at the national level, including its military and intelligence programs.”

The NCSC warned that Moscow was increasingly seeking to incorporate skills and turn to international scientific collaborations to increase research within its borders, such as the Russian military applications of AI.

For these reasons, the NCSC said it would prioritize its efforts in the U.S. technology sectors, where risks to U.S. economic and national security would be “enormous.”

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In those fields he named AI, bioeconomics, autonomous systems, semiconductors and quantum.

“These sectors are developing technologies that can determine whether the United States is a world power or will be overshadowed by its strategic rivals in the years to come,” he said. (I)