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15 The United States warns that there will be retaliation if retaliation is directed against my organizers

15 The United States warns that there will be retaliation if retaliation is directed against my organizers

The United States warned Friday that it would respond Obstacles, If fundamental rights Cuban people Or suing the promoters of the Civic March for Change Summoned for November 15 In Cuba

This was pointed out in an interview with EFE Juan Gonzalez, a key adviser to Latin America’s Joe Biden after the Cuban lawyer’s office. Threatens to impose crimes on associates That protest march if they carry it out.

“We have made it clear that the individuals involved in the violation of the fundamental and global rights of the Cuban people have every motive in which we respond.”Gonzalez insisted on the phone.

Biden’s adviser responded to the question of whether Washington would punish those responsible for Cuba.

The United States has strongly criticized the Cuban government’s decision to block the protests, Gonzalez said on Friday The island’s leaders are “afraid of a national dialogue with the Cuban people.”

“Intimidation of peaceful protesters shows loss of popular will and support.”, Pitton’s adviser insisted.

“The future of Cuba is not going to be decided by Washington, but we are fully committed to supporting, supporting and strengthening the voice of the Cuban people who want change.”, He noted.

Former President Barack Obama (2009-2017) after giving permission to senior military officials on the island of Washington to suppress the July 11 protests.

“We have to recognize that there was a world before and after July 11, when the regime took off its mask on the repressive measures of the people.”, The official said.

Unlike the so-called “Malegonaso” of 1994, What happened in July was that “the world now sees” the Cuban struggles, and “the people who sacrificed their lives, their rights must be seen” and “protected”He added.

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“We are committed to it. We do not see it as a hard line, but a commitment to support Cuba’s fundamental rights.”Gonzalez noted.

The adviser did not want to comment on Biden’s position on the US embargo on Havana, saying it was “a matter for the United States Congress”.

The Cuban government, which considers the march “illegal,” refused permission on Thursday, saying the Havana provincial attorney general’s office could impose sanctions and three months’ liberties if it maintains its plan. For a year.

As a challenge to the government, activists announced last week that they would maintain their call for a peaceful march, which aims to honor rights and release political prisoners.